This project started in 2016 when a group of friends sat at breakfast sharing their business challenges and ideas. The issue of live streaming THE Spring Games came up and was presented as “an impossible task.”

Why was it impossible? For starters, none of the parks where THE Spring Games takes place have internet capable of uploading video footage. Not only that, but no one in the industry seemed to know how to effectively stream over 1,500 college softball games held at 18 fields across 4 complexes in a 35 day period. It just couldn’t be done . . . so “they” said.

Well, as the old adage goes: the person who says it can’t be done should not stand in the way of those who are doing it. And thus began the journey that is Suffragette Softball.

Why suffragettes? Because we are women (and men who support women) fighting for equal treatment. THE Spring Games is the perfect vehicle for that message: Division II, III, NAIA, and NJCAA college softball games are rarely seen on television. Many of these programs struggle just to have the opportunity to play. There are few, if any, sponsors for these programs. Most “endorsements” these schools receive are in the form of discounts and kick backs on purchases. The struggle for these teams is REAL and they play because they love the game.

Corporate America wasn’t getting behind THE Spring Games but we saw potential there so we said “let’s do it!” And so we did.

We’re not perfect (mind you), but we get the job done. Since 2016, the staff at Suffragette Softball have successfully live streamed over 98% of the innings at THE Spring Games (that’s over 1,470 games in 35 days for those struggling with the math). Oh, we’ve had some challenges and boy, do we have some stories to tell . . . but the most important story is that of the players, parents, coaches, and fans who are able to see and be seen. 

What makes this experience unique? Well, it’s not the fancy graphics (we don’t have many of those) and it’s not our witty commentary (we really don’t have any of those either). It’s really how we capture the sounds and spirit of the game. When you watch THE Spring Games online, it’s like being in the stands. You can really hear everything happening on the field: the crack of the bat, the pop of the glove, and the cheers. 

In many ways, we really are flying by the seat of our pants. Each year presents a new challenge and each year we overcome it. Kind of like the teams at THE Spring Games: we fly in, give it our all, and get the job done. Sometimes we win, sometimes we learn, but we always have a great time! We hope that you have a great time, too!