At Suffragette Softball, we are mindful that it has only been 100 years since over 40,000 women marched in white down the streets of New York to demonstrate their desire to be treated equal under the law and we are still several years away from the Centennial Anniversary of the 19th Amendment (a/k/a "the Susan B. Anthony Amendment") that gave women the right to vote.

We have come a long way, for sure. But we are not there yet.

Suffragette Softball was established with the specific purpose of empowering female athletes by providing measurable opportunities to demonstrate the popularity of their game. Customers of Suffragette Softball will not only enjoy the benefit of professional production at their event, but also facts and figures that will empower them to engage in meaningful discussion with "the powers that be" so that they may be adequately, and in many cases, powerfully represented when it comes to sponsorship, funding, and grant awards.

We are suffragettes. We believe in equal opportunity and the power of the individual to make change. We believe that women are great athletes and that people will pay money to watch them showcase their talent. We believe that we need that women, as athletes, are heading down a path that will provide meaningful and significant income for our daughters and granddaughters in professional sport.

We believe in making history, rather than writing it. Contact us if you want to make history too.