THE Spring Games



Currently in its ninth season, THE Spring Games welcomes college softball teams to sunny Central Florida to kickstart their seasons and get their first “go” at competition after what is, for some, a long winter. In 2016, PFX Athletics will host over 350 colleges with over 1,700 games. That’s right – 1,700 GAMES! And we’re streaming them all! Be sure to join our Spring Games Group on Facebook to get up to date information on the Games! There, you can find details on upcoming games, things to do, discounts, game results (when provided), photos, and other great information. And when you enjoy the Games, remember to tell the world that #IAmASuffragette!

PFX Athletics
2016 THE Spring Games
Lake County, Florida
February 23 – March 28, 2016

Use the Game Codes, below, and follow the link next to each game to watch the games live. By tweeting @SuffragetteSB and using the game code hashtag, you can be the commentator!

2016 Master Schedule through 2.29.2016